Prodej plakátů

Hello, you are on the  PosterNoster website, where you can find details about the individual places in Prague that are captured on the posters.

My name is Jaroslav Jiřička.


For many years I worked as a photographer for major Czech magazines. I specialise in report and portrait photography. Other than that I illustrated several cookbooks; I regularly take aviation photographs. And I take pictures of Prague.  In the morning, at night, from a plane, from the top of Prague’s towers, in the streets. Using various equipment and various techniques.

I trust that some of Prague’s magic has been captured in these posters. So far nine out of seventeen posters are for sale, but in time all of them will be.

Click on the picture to find information and a photo of the place where this poster was made. Pictures marked XXX are not yet available.

Send me a text message or an email with the poster number (numbers), place and time of where and when you want the posters delivered and you will receive them the next day (sometimes even the same day).

Each poster is packaged in a printed PE wrapper and comes with a flyer listing all posters.

Price per poster is CZK 345 / EUR 13